The company has been operating in the field of additive manufacturing (AM) since 2018, which is one of the most exciting and innovative technologies in the industry of tool design and manufacturing.

At the Esztergom site, we perform high-quality work with modern and constantly expanding machine park.

Our employees are experienced professionals with profound background in their fields, whose work we provide to our customers through high-quality service.

Tool making is the main activity of the company, which includes the production of injection molding tools for thermoplastics. In accordance with the customer’s expectations, we cover the entire work procedure, everything from product optimization through production to quality inspection, taking place in one process.

By responding to the technical needs of its partners in various segments of the industry, our company helps to develop orders of magnitude within their markets in a cost-effective way.

To ensure the fullfillment of deadlines and desired product quality, we consider it essential to keep in touch and fully inform our customers about all the phases of the work.

Our company is proud to have established relationships of mutual trust with a growing number of customers in recent years, which we will strive to maintain in the future.

Interconex Engineering Kft.

Esztergom, Dobogókői út 82.

Interconex Engineering Kft.


During this project we were able to further expand our machine park. The aim of this investment was to intorduce new technologies, as well as increase our capacities.