Our business lines


Using the most up-to-date technologies on the market, our company manufactures tools and components for thermoplastics based on individual customer needs.

Having an expanding machine park enables the production of tools for a wide variety of plastic products with micron precision. Our profile includes cold forming, bending, pressing, deep drawing tools as well as die-cast aluminum casting tools.

The portfolio also includes the design, manufacture, testing and measurement of products, which allows the results to be of impeccable quality each time.


3D hybrid metal printing

In the spirit of continuous renewal and an innovative approach, we have expanded our machine park with a 3D hybrid metal printer, which, unlike traditional technologies, builds and processes the desired geometry layer by layer.

The machines perform with a tolerance to one hundredth of precision, with a range requiring no further work. Our latest development can speed up workflows by up to 60-80 percent, depending on the nature of the order, significantly shortening the manufacturing process, further increasing our flexibility and efficiency.

Laser Technology

Thanks to our modern equipment, we weld using laser technology.

One of the main advantages of the mobile device is, basen on different material qualities, capability to repair any damage on site at the request of our partner, both for welding and reworking.Laser technologies are essential to the workflow. In any industry, damaged surfaces can be repaired and our professional colleagues will immediately attend to them with precise intervention.

Project Management

Throughout the entire project, our team manages work processes from product development to series production.

Project management entails expert answers to technical questions that arise for the customers and we offer a comprehensive technological solution for their implementation. In the process, we assess the manufacturability of the given product and make a proposal for its optimization, as well as draw attention to the possible risk factors.

The collective goal is to complete the ready equipment or product on time, with desired quality. Following the order, we monitor the entire production process with the help of detailed project plans, while keeping the customers updated for maximum satisfaction.

Plastic Injection Molding

Customers are provided with the complete design of their custom-made tools which we undertake in the series production. At the request of our customers, we also guarantee the trial production of their own production equipment, by supporting their production processes with the involvement of our specialists, parallel to having control over the fulfillment of their expectations of the tool.